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Pilates equipment

The universal reformer , commonly known only as a reformer, will help you achieve optimal physical condition. Its variety of uses is only limited by your own imagination and knowledge.

Reformer Sport Inox 

  • | Corrosion resistant stainless steel parts.

  • |Footbar with 4 positions.

  • |Variable stopper in 5 positions (20cm) .

  • |Springs calibrated between 5 Kg/m and 30 Kg/m with a combined maximum of up to 80 Kg/m. Optionally   higher strength springs can be provided.

  • |Up to 1m race, ideal for cardio exercises  board jump.

  • |Innovative and unique ASIMETRIK-T system of ropes with symmetrical traction to maintain tension on both ropes even in arm and leg exercises with asymmetric movements. It also allows self-regulating the length of the strings, so that both strings have the same path. 

  • |It can be stacked one on top of the other in such a way that it can be optimized in multipurpose spaces.

  • |It is completely collapsible, which allows easy storage and transport.

  • 1-year warranty on mechanical parts and warranty for the lifetime of the product on stainless steel parts.

  • Maintenance and stock of spare parts available.

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