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Pilates equipment

The universal reformer , commonly known only as a reformer, will help you achieve optimal physical condition. Its variety of uses is only limited by your own imagination and knowledge.

Reformer Sport Inox 


Camilla deslizante

  • 18mm satin microporous neoprene upholstery on the back of the stretcher and on the footboard. Upholstery that provides a better sensation of the back and hip support points without losing comfort. It also offers stable support for standing exercises on the table.

  • Reinforced stretcher with frame made of steel for greater rigidity and resistance.

  • Shoulder support and padded headrest for greater comfort.

  • Adjustable headrest in three positions.

  • Quiet and firm running gear with 8 wheels: 4 horizontal and 4 vertical

  • 54mm Polyurethane wheels

  • abec 7 high speed bearing


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