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Pilates equipment

The universal reformer , commonly known only as a reformer, will help you achieve optimal physical condition. Its variety of uses is only limited by your own imagination and knowledge.

Reformer Sport Inox 


jump table


Work with the jump table helps to strengthen the core muscles, first activating the deepest abdominal, the transversus, as well as those that make up the pelvic floor and the transversus spinosus, all of them responsible for stabilizing the pelvis and the lumbar spine, to then work the oblique abdominals symmetrically or asymmetrically. Also to stabilize or to generate the movement (according to the jump executed), and finally also incorporate the work of the rectus abdominis in seated exercises, which are among the most advanced.




Completely built in stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain.


It includes

  • 3 pairs of springs in the colors yellow, blue and red.

  • Stainless steel rocker bar

  • Trapeze bar in anodized aluminum

  • Half stretcher, it is mounted continuously with the sliding stretcher thus forming a single surface.

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