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El reformer universal, comúnmente conocido solo como reformer, te ayudará a lograr una condición física óptima. Su variedad de usos está solo limitada por tu propia imaginación y conocimiento.

Reformer Sport Inox 

| Corrosion resistant stainless steel parts.

|Footbar with 4 positions.

|Variable stopper in 5 positions (20cm) .

|Springs calibrated between 5 Kg.m and 30 Kg.m with a combined maximum of up to 80 Kg.m.

|Up to 1m race, ideal for cardio exercises  board jump.

|Innovative and unique ASIMETRIK-T system of ropes with symmetrical traction to maintain tension on both ropes even in arm and leg exercises with asymmetric movements.


Equipos de Pilates


The movements performed on the reformer range from the fundamental to the extremely advanced, the movements are performed in every conceivable position and for every possible purpose.
The reformer is the friendliest machine to use for exercising your legs; the body rests comfortably in a stable supine position without supporting its weight and allows muscular movement in a balanced manner. The reformer also allows the teacher to observe correct alignment and muscle action.
The stretch performed on the reformer for the hip flexor, hamstring, and adductor muscles cannot be duplicated with the same effectiveness on another apparatus. The reformer offers the greatest variety of movements, particularly those related to the upper body. The jump series is unique to this machine and  quickly accommodates movements throughout its full range

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